ADEN Services Offices

More and more CSR projects launched by ADEN Services have helped local communities in social, economical and environmental development.

We are integrating open and transparent business practices into our business operations based on ethical values and respect for employees, communities and the environment.

We give our clients transparent and clear information about their investment and how they relate to the CSR projects.

ADEN Services’ CSR approach includes:

We manage our operations in a manner which reduces the consumption of natural resources, emissions and waste.

Community development
We empower all our people to contribute positively to local communities by community investment programs.
More than 70% of the products we are using are purchased locally.

With operations in several countries, we always recruit our employees locally.
We foster individual differences and equal opportunities for all, encourage professional development, and support employee well-being.

Our CSR vision is based on 3 pillars and defines socially responsible practices implemented in our Remote Site operations worldwide to contribute positively to the local communities’ development.
- Micro Finance and Cooperative Fund
- Micro Business
- Sustainable Development

ADEN Services' CSR Diagram