ADEN Services Offices

Health, Safety & Environment for Remote Sites

Health and safety has always had a special focus in our business and particularly in our Remote site operations.

The overall objective of ADEN Services is to provide our customers the highest level of quality in all our operations. Our standards are based on the strictest regulatory requirements and industry best practice.

ADEN Services define the specific HSES Objectives including:

- Minimize health hazards and illnesses through preventive measures including education programmes concerning nutrition, cleanliness and fitness
- Ensure that working conditions are designed to minimize stress and fatigue
- Guarantee that all ADEN Services personnel deployed at site are medically fit and have access to adequate health care facilities

- Achieve zero fatalities
- Achieve zero lost time incidents
- Achieve zero non-adherences to rules and regulations
- Ensure all personnel who are required to drive vehicles pass the Defensive Driving Course or similar

- Monitor the environmental impact of all our activities
- Achieve zero spillage incidents
- Minimize damage to environment
- Restore the site surrounds disturbed during the project to original condition

- Ensure adequate security of personnel, materials and equipment on site
- Avoid interference with the legitimate pursuits of the local communities
- Ensure that procedures are developed to minimize the risk of robbery and assault e.g. movement of payroll