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For our EPC client, time matters. That is why ADEN Services has set up processes to make remote construction camp management as efficient and cost effective as possible.

"ADEN Services, the cement of efficiency"

To help you meet your deadlines, and without compromising safety, we re-arrange menus, schedule, infrastructure camp layout and logistic routes to save you time and money.

Remote infrastructure constructions examples

From the turning of the first stone, we will partner you throughout your remote construction project. :

Hydraulic Dam Construction Project
Khammouane Province, Laos

Duration: 5 years
Residents: 200 Junior & 150 Senior

  • Services provided:
  • Property Management:
    • Food service
    • Cleaning, Housekeeping, Laundry
    • Security
    • Associated Services

Power Plant Construction Project
Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Duration: 3 years
Residents: 80 Junior & Senior

  • Services provided:
  • Camp Construction / infrastructure
    • Design, Engineering, Construction
  • Full Camp Management
    • Foodservice
    • Cleaning, Housekeeping, Laundry service
    • On-site maintenance service
    • Associated Service

Railway Construction Project
Tibet, China

Duration: 18 months
Residents: 20 Junior & 10 Senior

  • Services provided:
  • Mobile Foodservice
  • Mobile Home Accommodation service
  • Transportation service
  • Technical Assistance service

Cement Plant Construction Project
Kerbala and Suleymania, Iraq

Duration: 1 year
Residents: 950 Junior & 80 Senior

  • Services provided:
  • Technical Assistance in:
    • Construction Facility Management
    • Infrastructure Security Services
  • Audit Services:
    • Facility Management

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