ADEN Services Offices

ADEN Services Remote Site Division offers high quality catering to military and civilian personnel in crisis and conflict regions, providing military base camp and infrastructure managment

Military infrastructure management

ADEN Services offers complete catering solutions. This begins with food supply ordering and logistics to the erection of canteen and kitchen facilities and culminates in military food preparation and service.

ADEN Services can offer a wide range of services to military installations in both conflict impacted regions and to long established bases in non-conflict areas. We can look after military and civilian personnel and offer the same high level of quality and remote site service.
Our core business in this type of project is to provide catering and ensure food supply chain services. We will set up complete catering solutions that include kitchens, fit out equipment and even utensils and crockery if required. We can also control and monitor the complete food chain from procurement, through supply and of course preparation.

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