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From early exploration to full capacity production, junior and major mining companies will find in ADEN Services a flexible and proactive field partner regarding mining camp operations. We will adapt services offerings according to your priorities and mindset to exactly meet your needs and budget.

Junior Mines & Exploration Companies: From a handful of geologists and drillers, living in tent or mobile camps, ADEN Services will tailor make operational solutions with limited and polyvalent crew, following you everywhere. Our experience and expertise will allow you to rightly scale and optimize CAPEX and OPEX required to set up and manage your first base camp.

Major Mines & Full Production: From few hundred to several thousands of workers, with different nationalities and seniorities, ADEN Services will lay the basis of a sustainable mining camp management plan all along the life time of your mine. With a Zero Incident Policy, implementing highest HSE standards possible, ADEN Services will also be your partner to build up Local Community Support programs.

Rely on us, as have many other satisfied customers:

Global mining camp services

Uranium Mining Project
Baikenge Village,
Kyzylorda Region,

Duration: 3 years
Residents: 120 Juniors & 10 Seniors

  • Services provided:
  • Mining camp construction
  • Mining camp accommodation
  • Mining camp management
  • Full Camp Management:
    • Foodservice
    • Cleaning, Housekeeping, Laundry
    • Maintenance
    • Gardening
    • Cultural & Sport Entertainment
    • Commissary
  • Procurement

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