Event links leaders in entertainment sector with tech & sustainability solutions

From theme parks and water parks to museums and concert venues, China’s entertainment industry is seeing unprecedented growth. This more than a temporary blip – the boom in entertainment is being driven by the deep transformation of China and a new kind of Chinese consumer: more affluent than ever, travelling more than ever and investing more than ever in experiences and quality of life. 

But with all the growth and opportunity come new pressures on entertainment and recreation sites: how to optimize energy and water use at scale; how to manage high volumes of waste under increasingly strict regulation; how to expand while keeping complex operations linked and high-performing; how to incorporate the latest technology from fields like robotics, IoT, AI and 3D modelling.

That’s why Aden was excited to host last week’s China Creative Club, an industry event linking key decision-makers from the entertainment sector with creatives and innovators who are pushing the limits of what an entertainment venue can offer. 

Of course, Aden had its own suite of innovations to share during the event, and a clear vision for how our smart-city platform can answer the many challenges that the entertainment sector faces in this new era. Through the night, the team from Aden Entertainment, Leisure & Sports was fully in the mix, talking to all attendees about the ways that we are linking IoT data, digitalized operations, clean energy and environmental services into one platform that can take the performance of entertainment sites and venues from good to great. 

As the entertainment industry evolves and grows, and the country moves from “Made in China” to “Created in China”, Aden will be making every effort to create new synergies and boost sustainability, efficiency, and customer experiences through its Aden Entertainment, Leisure & Sports division.


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