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Our team is waiting to support you even in the most hostile environment.

A natural disaster strikes without warning. When events threaten people’s livelihoods ADEN Services can help with a range of NGO site management services. We have vast experience in supporting roles as well as knowledge and know how in health, communication, logistics and procurement issues adapted to NGO’s needs. When quick deployment is required, ADEN Services can meet the challenge head on, we can have a team in place in a matter of hours. This fast service is just the start of the process, but in disaster relief situations getting things organized quickly and efficiently can mean the difference between life and death.

Choose ADEN Services as your partner in hostile environments for your NGO support services

A natural disaster can strike without warning and when it does, speed of action and speed of decision making are vital. ADEN Services can dispatch a team to assess a situation and start making the necessary decisions immediately, plus our vast knowledge of working in remote and hostile environments means we have the know how to get the job done and help save lives.

A sample disaster aid projects:
Sichuan Earthquake NGO support service :
After the May 2008 earthquake ADEN Services mobilized two Security teams to support the Health Teams of the International SOS Clinics with Procurement, Security, Transportation, Logistics and Housing. A team of on-site specialists was mobilized in less than 12 hours and was dispatched to support people in immediate need. Our team assisted local NGO during the evacuation of patients and by supporting the operations of international SOS.

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