ADEN Services Offices

We provide local and international food with the highest Food Safety Standards possible in all our remote site projects.

At ADEN Services, we understand that lunch and dinner times have tremendous importance in relieving stress for workers with physically demanding and stressful jobs. We want to make sure that each meal we are preparing will deliver a dose of energy, confidence, conviviality and recreation.

We feed thousands of people every day. We cover all aspects of food services for nationalities:

  • Executive dining with VIP menu
  • Staff (Rank & File) Canteens
  • Coffee Shop
  • Event Catering
  • Guest Houses
  • Catering services:
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner/ Supper
  • Packed meal
  • Management services:
  • Food planning and menu design
  • Health, nutrition and hygiene, safety control and management
  • Service line management from purchasing to on-site disposal

Foodservices in remote areas adapted to your needs

The main objective of ADEN Services is to offer healthy and safe food catering services from the very best products available. We create nutritionally balanced and specialized menus to suit all ethnical, religious and cultural tastes.

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