ADEN Services Offices

ADEN Services understands the need to select the right people for the right job in the right location.

Our team has successfully provided technical, specialist, professional and management personnel for a wide range of roles for remote site projects worldwide.
Successful remote site operations rely heavily on qualified and experienced professionals to ensure business continuity, from exploration through to the project development phase and commissioning, we select and propose to you personnel based on your specific requirements.

A team of highly skilled people on your camp

ADEN Services will bring high skilled people on your camp,

  • Such as:
  • Project/Operation Manager
  • QHSE Managers
  • Camp Managers
  • Executive Chefs

When planning and constructing a camp, ADEN Services is in the position to provide you with experienced Project Managers and supporting teams suitably qualified to facilitate the demands of this important stage of the project.

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