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Securing the premises, ensuring staff and visitors’ safety, solving turnover problems are all problems experienced by companies at one time or another across their projects.

We supply best practice security solutions with staff that will be able to quickly identify, assess and implement action plans to stop there unwanted activities.
Mining companies are increasingly exploring, developing and operating in more remote countries where the risk of corruption and bribery are potentially high. Countries like Mongolia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Iran are now being considered as promising mining locations. But many of these countries are inherently risky due to their political and socio-economic situations. To combat any unwanted activities requires the highest standard of customized electronic security and safety systems to help ensure the protection of workers, the public, the mine and its facilities.

ADEN Services’ security solutions to keep your business secure

After years of camp and security management, we have designed solutions for such an environment.

  • We have developed a cost-efficient solution that supports our clients in decreasing these main security risks:
  • Bribery
  • Thefts
  • Intrusion
  • Corruption
  • ADEN Services’ Security Systems and O.C.C. (Operations Command Center):
  • Our security systems for remote sites offer our clients the possibility to rely on their security procedures and guards thanks to an additional layer of control
  • Our O.C.C. centralizes operational information and security procedures
  • Our operators control your on-site security and make sure that all security procedures are followed
  • In addition, our compliance hotline has already shown its efficiency as a preventive solution for fraud as well as a reporting tool for risk and compliance issues

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