ADEN Services Offices

Choosing ADEN Services for your remote site management enables you to focus fully on your core business.

ADEN Services Remote Site Division has years of experience serving the projects and satisfying needs of major corporations and contractors in remote site locations. We manage remote site solutions in Africa, South East Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East supporting remote site operations in the mining, oil & gas, construction and heavy industry sectors.

In the remote site and offshore sectors we provide vital workplace support for people in some of the most hostile and demanding environments in the world. The services provided by ADEN Services support every aspect of daily community life in large-scale accommodation centers, or 'villages’. These are ‘home’ to workers in remote areas for whom a hot nutritious meal, a clean bed, freshly laundered workwear and quality recreation are essential comforts.

Maximized remote site management efficiency

For the increasing number of clients looking for a single service provider to maximize efficiency, we are able to provide a ‘total solution’ with:

  • a single point of contact
  • single accountability
  • one consistent high service standard

We are committed to providing tailor made remote site Service Solutions to our clients.

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