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ADEN Services provides waste management services in remote locations.

The waste management considerations on Remote Site Projects site is focused on reduce, reuse and recycle, treatment of hazardous waste and efficient disposal. ADEN Services aims to partner with clients to develop a comprehensive waste management solution in order to process waste on directly site.

  • Waste management on site requires the following equipment and facilities:
  • Bins for waste segregation by type with correct signalization
  • Flatbed trucks, used to transport waste from camp locations to processing facilities
  • Incinerator for processing non-recyclable and non-reusable waste
  • PPE for handling waste - heavy duty gloves, face mask, full length coveralls, safety goggles, foot protection, aprons
  • PPE for incinerator operators – helmet, safety goggles, respirator mask, heavy duty heat resistant gloves, full length coveralls, heavy duty heat resistant boots, aprons

Waste management in remote areas

  • The result to correct waste management is to have an end product that can be used for another external application, as a result of the waste management on site these applications include:
  • Organic waste to be used in the local villages as compost
  • Aluminum cans to be melted down and made into cooking pots for local villages
  • Other metal cans to be used for local art projects
  • Glass to be crushed and used as a construction aggregate

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